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Take a seat, grab a date and cup of tea – welcome home. 

Let us introduce you to:  

Goldate: A portmanteau (a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others), from a combination of the words "Gold", symbolizing the brilliance and energy of the Sun, and "Date", the oldest cultivated fruit in the world, dating back to the 6th millennium BCE.

At Goldate

We PROUDLY SHARE the life-giving abundance and warm radiating healing SPIRIT of both the Sun and the Date Palm.

​We started Goldate with a mission to . . . 

. . . bring this most nutritious, delicious, and sustainable substitute for refined white sugar to your fingertips in its many forms and formats. 

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The small but all-mighty date fruit: No more added sugar. No more Empty calories with little to no nutritional value. Indulge your sweet tooth without compromising taste, your health, or the environment. 

Our FOUNDERS: "We are a group of "shekamoo" cousins (both blood and chosen) who grew up at our family's kitchen counters, watching our grandparents and parents prepare incredible dishes and treats from scratch most days of the week, with the all-mighty date fruit playing both leading and supporting roles in both sweet and savory dishes. Like many parents in the Middle East, this was their love language to their children."

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"Now that we have children of our own (some of whom are practically living on dates), and with so much more at stake, we have returned to our roots to build the company of our dreams — helping us all to eat better for the future by creating accessibility to incredibly delicious, minimally processed plant-based ingredients such as the date fruit.


Goldate: Sweet the way nature intended."

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